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Grade School Graduate Career Trajectory: What They Can Do?

14 May 2024

Grade school graduates have a world of career possibilities at their fingertips, from entry-level roles to vocational training and online courses. Learn how to apply for jobs, explore FAQs, and embrace entrepreneurship on your unique career journey.

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Rising Industries in PH and Job Opportunities for All Levels

07 May 2024

Explore the booming industries in the Philippines and find job opportunities for every level, from manufacturing to information and communications. Learn how to apply and discover job listings on JOBYODA Platform.

A working student girl wearing a flannel upper attire is excited for her new career

Working Student Shift to Career

30 Apr 2024

Transitioning from a working student to a professional requires careful planning and skill development. Learn about the effects and challenges of this journey to make informed decisions and succeed in your career.

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Building a Career as a High School Graduate

22 Apr 2024

Embark on a journey to success as a high school graduate by exploring strategies to build a fulfilling career. Learn how to understand your strengths, explore education options, network effectively, craft compelling resumes, master job searches, and stay resilient in the face of challenges.

A blue bear giving career tips on the Do’s and Dont’s on How to Nail your Online Applications

Career Tips: Do's and Dont's on How to Nail your Online Applications

05 Apr 2024

Maximize your job application success! Yobi Salazar shares essential career tips to nail your online applications. Discover the dos and don'ts for securing your dream job.

Girl holding cover letter with title Tailoring cover letters for specific roles in your career

Tailoring cover letters for specific roles in your career

04 Jan 2024

Master the art of cover letter tailoring to land your dream job. Elevate your application by aligning with the company's needs and culture.

Man and woman looking at notebook with the headline Networking Strategies for Job Seekers: Building Pathways to Success

Networking Strategies for Job Seekers: Building Pathways to Success

27 Mar 2024

Discover the power of networking in job seeking. From hidden job markets to mentorship, learn strategies to boost your career. Connect with professionals to gain deeper industry insights.

Optimizing your JOBYODA profile for Career success

Optimizing your JOBYODA profile for Career success

26 Jan 2024

Enhance your job prospects with JOBYODA! Keep your profile updated, stand out to employers, and land your dream job effortlessly in the competitive market.

Creating a Personal Development Plan Using SWOT: A Blueprint for Career Success

Creating a Personal Development Plan Using SWOT: A Blueprint for Career Success

25 Jan 2024

Craft a thriving career with a Personal Development Plan using SWOT analysis. Maximize strengths, conquer weaknesses, and achieve your professional goals.

Unlocking Your Potential: The Surge in Demand for Multilingual Employees

Unlocking Your Potential: The Surge in Demand for Multilingual Employees

24 Jan 2024

Discover why multilingual employees are in high demand, explore common languages in the Philippines, and embrace the benefits of speaking multiple languages in your professional journey.

Professional certifications to enhance your career

Professional certifications to enhance your career

23 Jan 2024

Discover the impact of professional certifications on your career. From expert-level skills to free options, boost your credentials and thrive professionally.

Continuous learning opportunities for career development

Continuous learning opportunities for career development

22 Jan 2024

Unlock career success with continuous learning. Adapt, grow, and excel by embracing a mindset of ongoing skill acquisition and professional development.

How to create a career road map FREE TEMPLATE

How to create a career road map FREE TEMPLATE

19 Jan 2024

Take a head start of your career by learning how to create a career road map. This will serve as your guide to progress in whatever career you choose and have a better professional growth

7 Factors that Influences Students Career Choice

7 Factors that Influences Students Career Choice

18 Jan 2024

Discover a career path uniquely crafted for you, where strengths and passions intersect. Break free from the conventional constraints of your degree, and fearlessly explore new opportunities. Your journey is an adventure, and each experience is a chance to find the career that brings you genuine happiness. Take a leap of faith into the vast world of possibilities – your fulfilling career awaits

JOBYODA and James Deakin Join Forces to Revolutionize Job Searching in the Philippines

JOBYODA and James Deakin Join Forces to Revolutionize Job Searching in the Philippines

17 Jan 2024

Explore JOBYODA's transformative collaboration with James Deakin, enhancing visibility, introducing new features, and providing exclusive opportunities for job seekers and recruiters.

Career Objectives for Aspiring Managers to Add in Resume

Career Objectives for Aspiring Managers to Add in Resume

16 Jan 2024

Craft compelling career objectives for aspiring managers to enhance your resume, showcasing leadership skills, strategic thinking, and commitment to driving organizational success.

Career Management and Development: How To Make The Most Out Of Your Career

Career Management and Development: How To Make The Most Out Of Your Career

15 Jan 2024

Explore proven techniques for career management and development. Maximize your professional growth and success with strategic insights and actionable tips

15 Essential Skills to Elevate Your Career Success and How to Improve Them

15 Essential Skills to Elevate Your Career Success and How to Improve Them

12 Jan 2024

Unlock career success with real-world examples of versatile skills—from conflict resolution to leadership. Your pathway to professional prowess begins here.

Higher Chances in Getting Hired by Updating your JOBYODA Profile

Higher Chances in Getting Hired by Updating your JOBYODA Profile

11 Jan 2024

Updating your JOBYODA profile increases your chances in getting hired. Beyond mere job matches, your meticulously maintained profile attracts the attention of prospective employers, showcasing not just your qualifications but your commitment to professional excellence.

Tips for a Productive Performance Review Discussion

Tips for a Productive Performance Review Discussion

09 Jan 2024

Navigate your performance review with ease using our tips for a productive discussion. From setting goals to showcasing achievements, empower yourself for a successful performance review conversation.

10 Best ways to manage your time at work into 2024

10 Best ways to manage your time at work into 2024

10 Jan 2024

Learn how to prioritize tasks, celebrate achievements, and employ tech upgrades, all while embracing the spirit of "balik-trabaho." Whether you're delegating tasks or tidying up your workspace, this guide ensures a smooth transition, making your post-holiday return both enjoyable and productive.

Behavioral interviews and situational questions

Behavioral interviews and situational questions

08 Jan 2024

Optimize your interview prowess with expert insights on navigating behavioral interviews and mastering situational questions. Our comprehensive guidance empowers you to artfully showcase your skills, ensuring a polished performance that stands out in any professional setting. Elevate your career prospects with strategic tips and proven techniques

Best way to answer

Best way to answer "What are your salary expectations?"

04 Jan 2024

Navigate the challenge of discussing salary expectations in job interviews. Explore strategies, negotiation tactics, and practical examples to ace this crucial aspect. Gain insights on research, flexibility, and a comprehensive approach for a successful job offer process, ensuring a fair compensation package and positive employer relationships.

Employee benefits in the Philippines that you need to know

Employee benefits in the Philippines that you need to know

04 Jan 2024

From mandatory safeguards to sample perks offered by employers, get into the legal framework and fundamental rights that shape the dynamic landscape of workplace benefits.

Setting New Year Personal and Professional Achievements and Goals | JOBYODA

Setting New Year Personal and Professional Achievements and Goals

03 Jan 2024

Discover the art of intentional reflection and forward planning as the new year approaches. Our guide explores the importance of acknowledging personal and professional achievements, setting impactful goals, and navigating the path to a purposeful and fulfilling year ahead.

How do I plan my career in the new year?

How do I plan my career in the new year?

03 Jan 2024

Transform your career journey with our guide—strategies for success, a positive start to the new year at work, and a seamless transition into a new career. Define goals, enhance skills, and network effectively. Equip yourself with tools for a meaningful and achievable career resolution. Your path to professional success begins here – explore, adapt, and thrive.

12 New Year New Job Hunting Resolutions

12 New Year New Job Hunting Resolutions

02 Jan 2024

Navigate a transformative journey with our guide on setting impactful job hunting resolutions. Whether you're changing careers or aiming for advancement, discover 12 achievable resolutions designed to propel your career forward. Dive into actionable steps, stay accountable, and adapt to the dynamic job market.

An employee with a piggy bank his/her finances with a christmas background

Checklist in Setting Financial Goals for the New Year

02 Jan 2024

Embark on a journey of financial empowerment in the new year. Our guide offers actionable insights to optimize salary, explore income streams, and leverage employee benefits for tangible financial growth.

Woman BPO worker wearing a headset

JOBYODA Explains the Average Salary of a BPO Worker in the Philippines

23 Nov 2023

The average salary for Filipino BPO workers varies between 15,000 to 45,000 Philippine Pesos per month. This range is influenced by factors such as your experience level—whether you're a fresh graduate embarking on your BPO journey or an experienced professional equipped with the skills that command a higher salary. Your expertise and proficiency play a pivotal role in determining the salary you can potentially earn within this dynamic and ever-evolving industry.

A vibrant marketplace scene with job seekers and employers interacting, featuring a central podium with JOBYODA's logo, indicating connection and opportunity.

JOBYDOA's Talent Marketplace: Connecting Job Seekers to Promising Onsite Roles

20 Nov 2023

Explore the evolving landscape of onsite employment and discover innovative solutions for connecting job seekers to promising roles. From specialized job platforms to immersive recruitment methods, this article delves into the challenges faced by job seekers and the dynamic strategies reshaping the way employers and talent find each other in the changing world of work.

Gig economy-related icons (like a smartphone with job listings) surrounding a customer service representative, highlighting diverse job opportunities.

Customer Service Jobs in the Gig Economy  JOBYODA's Data and Opportunities

15 Nov 2023

Explore the gig economy's impact on customer service jobs, from the surge in demand to the challenges faced by freelancers. Gain valuable insights into the dynamic world of gig-based customer service and its future trends.

A globe with interconnected remote work symbols expanding across continents, with data points or charts showing growth statistics.

Reshaping the Call Center Landscape Embracing Innovation for Enhanced Customer Experience

15 Nov 2023

Dive into the evolution of call centers as they leverage cutting-edge technology, automation, and a renewed focus on customer satisfaction. Uncover how this shift is not just redefining the industry but also shaping a new era of seamless and personalized customer interactions.

remote customer service agents working from home and a

The Rise of Remote Customer Service Jobs and How to Excel

09 Nov 2023

Explores the increasing demand for remote customer service jobs, emphasizing communication, empathy, adaptability, work-life balance, and delivering value to customers.

A diverse group of Philippine registered nurses in scrubs or medical attire, working together in a modern and well-lit medical BPO office.

Philippine Registered Nurses Find Promising Careers in Medical BPOs

08 Nov 2023

Filipino registered nurses are finding promising career opportunities in the field of Medical Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Explore how they are achieving a unique balance between professional growth and nurturing family bonds right in the Philippines.

Man Analyzing Job Market Trends for Career Growth

In-Demand Skills: Analyzing Job Market Trends for Career Growth

08 Nov 2023

Stay ahead in today's dynamic job market by understanding the latest trends and in-demand skills. This article explores the ever-changing job landscape and how analyzing market trends can drive your career growth and success.

The Future of JOBYODA: Job Market Predictions and Opportunities

The Future of JOBYODA: Job Market Predictions and Opportunities

07 Nov 2023

Delve into the exciting world of JOBYODA as we unveil insightful predictions and promising opportunities for the future job market. Discover what lies ahead in this dynamic landscape.

A happy man in a suit receiving a joining bonus

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Job with a Joining Bonus in the Philippines

31 Oct 2023

Transformative power of a job with a joining bonus in the Philippines. Explore the top 10 compelling reasons why securing a position with this financial incentive can provide immediate relief, enhance your financial stability, and open doors to a brighter future.

Different Philippine government workers lined up together. Teacher, police, lawyer, etc.

How to Apply For Government Jobs In the Philippines

31 Oct 2023

The process of applying for government jobs in the Philippines. Learn about education and eligibility requirements, salary structures, and whether a career in the government sector aligns with your goals.

remote worker with glasses working on laptop

Remote Work Revolution: How the Job Market Has Changed

26 Oct 2023

Explore the remote work revolution and its profound impact on the job market. Learn how geographic boundaries are fading, the gig economy is growing, and soft skills are crucial. Discover strategies for both job seekers and employers to succeed in this evolving landscape.

Two people on the screen while the other person is in front of the screen conducting the interview

Customer Service Job Interviews: Common Questions and How to Answer Them

26 Oct 2023

Uncover the significance of formal self-introductions in customer service interviews. See how this practice creates a favorable first impression, conveys professionalism, and aligns with company culture, demonstrating your preparedness for customer interactions.

Woman in blue blouse with a laptop full of message notification

Mastering the Art of Non-Voice Work-From-Home Customer Service

25 Oct 2023

Non-voice customer service job is one of the most popular entry-level jobs that people are looking for lately. Discover the essentials of excelling in non-voice work-from-home customer service roles and become a master in this dynamic field.

Woman with a laptop working by the beach and a man with a laptop working in an office

Onsite vs Remote Customer Service Jobs: Which is the Better Option for You?

25 Oct 2023

People have their preference whether they want to work onsite or remote. Their productivity depends on where they are located and whether they enjoy working virtually or personally with their coworkers. Discover the impact of location preference on productivity and job satisfaction, whether working onsite or remotely.

Woman working on a desk

Work-Life Balance: Striking Harmony in Demanding Careers

25 Oct 2023

Understanding how to live life after work without worrying about your career. In this fast phased life, there are times that we need to find the sweet spot to work with our careers and at the same time enjoy life out side work

Woman in white dress with a laptop

Hybrid Customer Service Roles and Balancing Flexibility and In-Person Interaction

25 Oct 2023

Hybrid work environment is where employees get to work a certain number of days both at home and in the office. It can help a work-life-balance since it allows them to interact with their collogues and at the same time spend more time with their family.

woman standing out in a crowd of people

Beyond Traditional Applications: Creative Ways to Stand Out to Employers

20 Oct 2023

Learn how to stand out to employers by showcasing your skills, experience, and unique qualities to secure your dream job, and embark on a successful career journey.

Person in an SSS office that takes advantage of his SSS benefits

Top 10 Ways to Maximize SSS Benefits in the Philippines

20 Oct 2023

Maximizing all the benefits that you're paying on Social Security System in the Philippines. Not a lot of people take advantage of their benefits such as hospital bills, retirement benefits, and more.

Woman working on her laptop with a light halo around her

Why Emotional Intelligence is Essential for Career Success

13 Oct 2023

We are giving you more reasons why emotional intelligence is vital for career success and how it can impact your career growth, overall success, and leadership abilities. We'll also consider the future relevance of emotional intelligence in the ever-evolving landscape of work.

leader guiding his team during work

6 Tips on How to Adapt to Changing Business Environment as a Team Leader

12 Oct 2023

Team leaders must exhibit a chameleon-like adaptability, seamlessly adjusting to the ever-evolving dynamics of the business landscape. They are tasked with not only guiding their teams toward peak performance but also with empowering them to confidently embrace and conquer novel challenges

Two people on the phone with paper rip-like line between them

JOBYODA's 10 Essential Mock Call Interview Tips

04 Oct 2023

Learn how to ace your mock call interview in any industry using these 10 tips. Impress your hiring managers and showcase your skills by performing well on your mock call interviews!

lady in white blouse taking a call while writing on her ipad and with her laptop opened

How to Become a Customer Service Representative in the Philippines

12 Sep 2023

Discover the path to becoming a Customer Service Representative in the Philippines. Learn what major companies seek, how to apply, and stand out in this competitive field.

customer service vs customer care on wired telephone on white background

Difference Between Customer Service and Customer Care

12 Sep 2023

Discover the crucial disparities between customer service and customer care in our comprehensive guide. Learn why understanding these distinctions is essential for enhancing customer relationships and driving business success.

blue background with a hand holding a document that says cover letter vs application letter

What is the difference between application letter and cover letter? FREE TEMPLATE

11 Sep 2023

Understand the difference between application letter and cover letter and know when to use them in job hunting. It provides practical guidance on crafting compelling applications and cover letters to make a memorable and persuasive impression on potential employers, ensuring a successful job search strategy.

Lady in white blouse getting interviewed for her new career

Smart and Best Answers for Reason for Career Change in Interview 

08 Sep 2023

Landing your dream job sometimes requires changing careers. Learn how to artfully explain your reasons for a career shift in interviews with our helpful dos and don'ts guide. Avoid negativity, stay professional, and showcase your enthusiasm for the new opportunity. Make a lasting impression and secure your place in the ever-evolving world of employment prospects.

A laptop that shows a part of an

How to Write in Your About Me in Resume for Freshers (FREE TEMPLATE)

06 Sep 2023

Crafting a compelling 'About Me' section in your resume is crucial for freshers. Learn how to create a standout introduction, highlight skills, and express your career aspirations in our detailed guide.

Job searching on an online platform using a laptop

Proven Strategies to Land Your Dream Job with JobYoda

04 Sep 2023

To secure your dream job on JobYoda, follow these steps: highlight your skills, utilize the platform's job marketplace, tailor your application, use advanced search features, send updated CVs and portfolios, and prepare for interviews.

woman in blue blouse having an interview with a hiring manager

7 Interview Tips to Impress Hiring Manager

31 Aug 2023

A comprehensive guide that offers expert insights and practical strategies to excel in job interviews, covering essential aspects such as company research, confident communication, and skill showcasing. From mastering common interview questions to conveying enthusiasm and professionalism, this article equips you with the tools to make a lasting impression and increase your chances of securing your desired job.

Writing a comprehensive resume

How to Create a Comprehensive Resume

17 Aug 2023

Learn how to create a comprehensive resume that grabs attention with our step-by-step guide. Uncover the secrets to highlighting your skills, achievements, and potential in the best light possible.

Hiring Frenemies: Sourcing and Recruitment's Never-Ending BFF Feud

Hiring Frenemies: Sourcing and Recruitment's Never-Ending BFF Feud

27 Apr 2023

Ah, the eternal squabble between the sourcing team and recruitment team. It's a tale as old as time, a song as old as rhyme. Ok, maybe it's not that dramatic, but it's certainly a common source of tension in many organizations.

From Cold Calls to Warm Connections: How JOBYODA is Transforming Recruiting

27 Apr 2023

In today's fast-paced world, it's essential for recruiters to stay connected with top talent, no matter where they are. With the help of mobile recruiting tools, recruiters can easily communicate with candidates on the go, ensuring that they don't miss out on any opportunities to connect with the best candidates.

From Stale to Stellar

27 Apr 2023

How Fresh Applicant Leads Can Transform Your Hiring Process

Expanding Your Reach: How Jobyoda is Changing How You Source Talent

27 Apr 2023

If you're tired of the same old recruitment strategies and you no longer want to rely on the same old hashtag#jobportals that yield poor results ????, it's time to switch things up with hashtag #JOBYODA. Let us help you find the perfect candidate for your job openings, and together we'll take your hashtag#recruitment efforts to the next level! May the workforce be with you!

Welcome to The Yoda Chronicles:

27 Apr 2023

We are thrilled to announce the launch of The Yoda Chronicles, a new and exciting newsletter that aims to be the ultimate resource for recruiters and job seekers alike.

4 Helpful tips for finding a dream job

13 Oct 2022

I think when it comes to job search; there are several things that people need to know from which these 4 tips makes you much more effective.

BPOs in PH adjust to new remote work arrangements, new technologies

13 Oct 2022

No industry was spared by the effects of COVID-19. The lockdowns and quarantine measures imposed by governments calls for a drastic change in doing business.

58% of BPO employees now work at home

13 Oct 2022

The IT and Business Process Management sector managed to sustain their operations by allowing most of their employees to work at home during the enhanced community quarantine in Luzon.

Healthcare services seen as next wave for BPO growth for PH

13 Oct 2022

While a slowdown in US consumer activity following the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to have a negative impact on the Philippines’ IT-business process management (IT-BPM) sector in the short term