Your complete profile will help us match you with the right jobs that suit your skillset, it will also help us showcase the skills that your potential employers would be looking for.

Make sure you have Philippines set as your country in your Play Store / App Store settings. If that doesn't work, check the Gmail account you set up your Play Store / App Store account with. If it was set outside the Philippines, at times it wouldn't allow the app to be downloaded. If this is the case, you may have to use an alternate Gmail account to download the app.

When you book a date and time slot for an interview, recruiters expect you to be there. If you don't show up, it will reflect on your profile so please, don't be a no-show.

The JobYoDa App can be downloaded on Android and iOS platforms. You can also create your profile through our website at https://JobYoDa.com.

Interviews cannot be rescheduled at the moment. We suggest that you call the recruiter in case you want your interview to be rescheduled.

Yes, you can apply for multiple jobs, either within the same employer or with different companies, just make sure you meet the requirements of each of these jobs.

You will receive a reminder via App Notification and on the phone number you registered, 24 hours prior to the scheduled interview time.

You can contact the recruiter directly through their listed email ID or phone number. You can also connect with the recruiter via WhatsApp or Viber if they have it available.

Company Address can be found in the notifications section of the App. The reminder text and in-app notification will also contain the company address of the recruiter.

Yes, you will be prioritized over walk-ins since recruiters would already have details of the interview schedule you have chosen.

It is very important to appear on the schedule you have chosen on the JobYoDa App. In case that you won't be able to show up for your interview at the scheduled time, we recommend that you give the recruiter prior notice. You can contact the recruiter via their listed email ID, phone number, and through Viber or WhatsApp, if they have it available.

Currently, there is no option to delete a resume but you can update it by uploading a new file, the latest version would be the one visible to the recruiter.

es, you can type the location that you want to work in and the system will feed you job vacancies located in the area.

You can create a profile by logging into our website at http://JobYoDa.com where you can also start applying for jobs.