Your complete profile will help us push the right jobs matching your profile to you and also when you apply for a job,recruiters would be able to see what you want to showcase about your skillsets.

Please check the country in Play store settings(Account, Preference). It should be set to Philippines. If that doesnt work, please check the gmail account with which you have set up your Playstore account.For example if it was set outside Philippines, at times it wouldnt allow the app to be downloaded, so you may use an alternate email ID to download the app.

"When you book a date and time slot for interview, recruiters know that you'll be there and would be waiting for you.It also allows you to beat the queue as you have booked your timeslot. If you dont show up, it does reflect on your profile, so please show up!"

Our App can be downloaded on Andriod and ioS platforms. You may also create your profile through our website https://JobYoDA.com

Interviews cannot be rescheduled at the moment. We suggest you call the recruiter if needed and agree upon the revised schedule

Yes, you may apply for multiple jobs within the same company or with other companies.Please make sure though that you meet the requirments of the job

You will recieve a reminder via In App notification and on your registered phone number 24hours prior to the scheduled interview time

You may contact the recruiter via their listed Email Id or Phone Number. You may also connect with the recruite via Whatsapp or Viber if they have chosen that as a preferred mode to communicate

Company Address can be found in the notifications section of the App. The reminder text and InApp notification will also have the company address

Yes. You will be prioiritized over walk-ins since recruiters would have details of the interview schedule you have chosen

It is very important to appear on the schedule you have chosen thorough our App.We recommend you give prior notification to the recruiter incase you are not able to make it. You may contact the recruiter via the listed email id, phone number or through Viber / Whatapp (incase the recruiter has chosen as a preferred mode of communication)

There is no option to delete the resume. You have the option to attach another copy and the last attached version would be visible to the recuiter

Yes! You may type the location you are interested to find you Dream Job in

You may create your profile by logging in to our website https://JobYoDA.com and start applying for jobs