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I choose Alorica Company because my skills and capability is appropriate in our company. Because of the easy account that they have, compensation as well. Because of the friendly environment that they have.

I have work with concentric before and I'm excited to do it again.

Got hired immediately after applying. This is my first time looking for a job using an application and I'm really happy that I found JobYoda.

I want to work here because I heard a lot of opportunities and very friendly environment



hoping that I will get hired this kind of apportunity.

Not yet Succes in applying there Im waiting for it to call me and interview and be part of them. Hoping theres an applicable job for me.

i want to work here cause i hear alot of good opportunies and its very freindly enviroment

Im glad to know that we have this great company that can enhance people skills and provide a wonderful success to each and everyone.

i really need a job right now and if someone hires me I will whole heartedly accept it , I also want to improve my skills in terms of the tasks that my future job will give me

I pray that i would be hired here

thank yo

I've been hired in this company.. thank you.

I really want to be part of Accenture.

A notofication pop up and I applied for it via online and took the assesment.

In 2016, I was new to my previous job. I always thought that I would also win awards or become a top collector. Then in 2018, I became the top 1 collector. of. I am proud to myself that I was part of the success of company.


As I do browsing I saw the job description for Concentrix. And has good benefits like HMO and week end off. Most likely I love is the basic salary. That I believe I had the experience and back ground through there qualifications needed. For sure I am able to be responsible for the role.Thank you!

I don't know much about here for now. But I'd like to be part of this wonderful company. I hope i will be chosen, Thank you!

No Experience but even though it seems doesnt fit my skills ,nah not for me . Excel then redeem the reward .

Hi, I would like to express my interest in applying for a CSR post. I have been in the BPO industry for 11 years and handled financial, telco and travel accounts. I have worked as a sales rep, in customer service and I was also once in collections. I have a vast experience in call handling and managing different types of callers. I also advocate providing excellent customer experience in each and every call. I know I'll be a great addition to your team.

Hi, good day! I didn't imagine that I will be working in a BPO company before because of some negative feedbacks regarding the nature/work environment. But I still tried to applied and was hired. With those negative feedbacks it really depends on the person since we already know what is right or wrong. Working in a BPO helped me boost my confidence.

I hope i enjoy to your company

Determination and Dedication❤

its nice to be here

hoping i would hired, for this company

Looking forward to be part of your prestigious company.

I received a NPS 100%

looking forward to get a job and be one of the aspiring agent

I'm hoping, I'll get hired. Because I badly need a job right now.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to join your company even though I have no experience as a BPO agent

hi I'm dominic padillo I'm first work job in this app

Thank you so much!

I've been working in the bpo industry for 2 years now. I've learned a lot from it, and was able to handle stress and difficulties at work. I've honed my communication skills and got better at speaking and communicating in English. I've experienced being a top agent for 3 months straight and it made me more eager to perform and commit to my job. I believe that with my skills, knowledge, and experience, I'm now qualified for a job that offers higher pay and better benefits and I'm looking forward to aiming for a higher position if given the opportunity.

i have to try to this company I hope I can pass,.

great full and thank you

i want a new beginning to my career in my past time im not successful in my first timer...

Rod Alvin for Alorica Philippines

06 Mar 2023

im hoping that i will hired in this company..

Hi! I am jashmine 23 year old here I am seeking for a job that help me build my career and I am willing to learn everyday towards for me to learn a lot and I want to apply on your company because I heard a good feedback about your company that it helps people like me to find their job.

Looking forward to working with you.

this is the first time I apply in this app I hope I get hired

Hoping to get the job.

im not actually employed here at foundever, but i hope this will be my one true love.

not yet hired

I think this company fit for me, because I have many heard that this company is excellent and nice environment so that I choose this company to apply for. thankyou and Godbless

i want to work in your company to share my knowledged and skills to contribute in our working place.

thank you in advance

i want to work , and i willing to learn everything..

I applied and thought I wouldn't be accepted but they're looking for a talent like me fortunately and now I'm just steps from getting the job

Working in a prestigious company like alorica is the best way to grow.

Thank you

I hope i get hired to this company.

I am happy I found Teleperformance who gave me a hope and chance to work.


I don't have experience yet, but i am willing to learn

I hope i can have this job, thanks

i hope i'll contact the concentrix eton. thanks ❤

Paul David for Teleperformance Philippines

23 Feb 2023

i want to be a part of teleperformance team

Hiring process was fast!!!


i want this job

I have more than 4 years experience as chat support. Handled Telco accounts and experience to become top agent and an SME in my previous company. We are handling multiple live chats at a time and we need to respond realtime to the customers inquiry. Looking forward to be part of your company

I hope I will get hired ❤

i dont have any experience in iqor but hopefully soon. im one of their top employee.

I successfully sent my application

it's my dream to work in call center industry,♥️


I don't have any experience in online jobs and it is my first applying for a job, despite having no experience im much willing to learn and earn an experience in this kind of job or work.

I feel so happy that finally I'm having a job I promise to do my job right and to do it with all my best

i don't have an experience but I'm willing to work hard and I'm a fast learner...I will do everything to do my job... I know how to entertain people with all my heart...please hired me

From Tier 1 technical Support was promoted to Tier 2 and then selected to support Tier 3 customers and assist nesting agents.

i want to improve myself ay my work..i. will give my best for this company

Alorica Philippines,Alorica-Lipa


I believe that i can fully develop and use my skills with Alorica Philippines in Clark. Where i can use my extent knowledge in helping customers.

It was very amazing journey being a part time job of this company,it was very helpful nowadays to having a job especially a home based job. For me as working mother i need to have an extra income to provide the daily needs of my child. I'm so very,very happy and proud that I belong to the company.

I've been a part of the concentrix company in providing good customer service to the client. I want to be part of it again. I am wishing that i could go back and be hired again and be welcomed.

I've been in this company for 3 years and 4 months. This company has been fantastic, but I feel I'm ready for a fresh and new experience with the new movement that I will undergo, I'm ready to share my best practices and skillset.

Finished the instant screening.

Thanks Jobyoda

Being call center agent is my dream come true. Now it really helps me a lot to sustain life. As a mother of four kids and being call center agent give me more confident to face difficulties in life! ☺️

Working everyday with hope is a blessing for me. Despite of the circumstances I'm undertaking, living life everyday with such a supportive people around me is a success. Being successful doesn't only counts the how much you earned or how many achievements you've got as of now. Success is for me is achieving small things little by little, waking up and pursuing your passion. For me, it's the small things that matters.

This is my first time to apply on Concentrix . i hope i get hired on this company

I Choose Concentrix because When it comes to work-life, Concentrix assists its employees in giving their careers a great start. It offers several opportunities to grow their careers. Their staff is well-trained, which helps in delivering next-gen customer experiences. Thank you to Concentrix and Fam.


I finished my online application and am hoping that i will be qualified for the position i applied for.

wanting to be part of concentrix work from home team since last year. wanted to provide good customer service and be able also to provide food for our table

I started dreaming this job. It was not as planned because I don't have confidence especially my communication skills were not as good as others. I belittled myself thinking that I don't fit in. Until I gained my courage and tried applying relating BPO jobs. I was motivated to do so and never gave up. I grab those opportunities and luckily I got in! All thanks to people who believed in me and their supports as well for not stopping that I can do it.

Encourage Ongoing Participation. Create Working Groups. Tell Your Stories. Learn Together. Foster Innovation. Maintain Momentum.

Looking forward for a great kick start experience in BPO industry by the help of this great company. <3

Hi, I'm glad to have this app jobyoda so we can know more about work! hope fully hired soon, preferred is work from home. ty!

im enjoying

Grace Tan for Alorica Philippines

29 Jan 2023

not yet hired but looking forward to be part of the company

The experience I had with this company is remarkable.


It's a good company . Its my first time working in a bpo company and I loved it.

great place to work

I'm looking forward to a positive note.

I want to ve part of Cnx

Good Day! I want to share that when I applied here, that was one of the beginnings of my success. Because I know myself that I am positive that I am ready to dedicate the time for my future work. That's all thank you.

Done Applying


Done submitting my application and assessment.. Hoping for positive response, so that i can now work even at home.

Dear ma'am/sir, Have a nice day. I Brenda Daniel,I am interested in applying to your company and it's my pleasure to be interviewed at your convenience time.Thank you Brenda Daniel Applicant

Good Day! I would like to be a part of this company.

I want sitel because I saw you have a company in Baguio city.. and either I have no experience your accepting no experience.. thank you...

I already apply in this company hope i'll get hired.

Done applying. Hope i get hired.

thank you app jobyoda

It was so incredible and reliable

would like to be part of your company someday

very accommodating

Would like to be part of your company.

Looking forward for initial interview

Teleperformance Philippines, Teleperformance Baguio

done taking assesment very fast and I learned A lot thankyou concentrix

Im done sending applications hope to get hired

Rhea Grace for Teleperformance Philippines

16 Jan 2023

I'm looking forward to working in a fast-paced environment where I'll have to use all of my skills to solve problems and improve the customer experience . I enjoy putting my communication skills to the test and interacting with customers, and if I am one of the selected in this company it will be very helpful and also glad be part of this company.

a lot of bpo companies i applied before but suddenly my application going abroad set in first , hopefully this time i'll be a part of this company soon , praying and claiming it!!! THANKS JOBYODA!!!

I dont have any work experience yet in Alorica but I tried to apply there way back 2019 but I failed.I really want to be in a BPO company that time and I chose Alorica because I know it can give me the benefits I want although the other companies also offered benefits but I really want to be part of Alorica that time.And Until now,yes I still want to work for them.And Im looking forward to have a job Alorica 'cause Alorica is my dream BPO compny to work with

Hopefully i get the job. I am happy that i downloaded this app, its a big help for us .. thanks jobyoda

I'm looking for Work from home setup 3 years in BPO sales accout chat, email, voices account 2 years in college

I was applying at concentrix and just waiting for my interview they replied very fast

I'm happy that i download the apps of jobyoda to seek for a job for What I'm looking for

Great experience!!

best company

I enjoyed taking up the assessments that they've prepared for those who want to apply on their company

Thank you very much for accepting me in the company, I will get better and improve my skills

Thank you so much Sitel for giving me a chance by completing my assesstment today. i teally appreciate all of you. have a good one!

i want to work for this company

Very accomodating

my dream bpo company

it's just great

alorica is my dream job

Done taking AMCAT or assessment.

Success for me is how we define what success is, so for me my success story is when the upper management approved my recommendation of the next person who would take my place after my resignation. It proved to me that I was able to train her well, shared the knowledge that I have, groom her and she earned the spot to be the next Purchasing Supervisor.

Ai Leen for SYKES Asia, Inc.

03 Jan 2023

i wish to apply in your good office for any position that will suits my credentials

Very good expirience

been easy to access the application

my success story is not yet far but for me it is one of my success story. Having a job far from my family is definitely hard and sad. But, it is not the hindrances for me to stop working to that. I've learn how to manage my time,money and energy. I work hard and earn money for my mothers medications. I never bought anything that not necessary need. I gave my money to my mom. And I treat her in mang inasal. that kind of success watching and staring my mom while eating and smile is priceless.

good day i just want to apply your vacant position, that was working during night shift.

thank you jobyoda

I love the way they presented the instant assessment. It made the hiring process more convenient than going to the site because you can do it at home. It's hassle free, cost free, and enjoyable. All in all ot was a great experience!

I was successful in my dream to be a Quality assurance supervisor from QC-area incharge. And learn a lot of things by editing a company mannual, ISO company mannual,HACCP mannual and GMP mannual and more, this success is the result of my hardwork.

good and quality bpo company..

im excited that im near to be part of alorica

I think being part of the concentrix is the biggest starting up in my life to be able to meet and build teams and also to improve my skills and to learned more knowledge about it.

It was fun and great experience for a first timer like me.

It was really great! done everything that I need to do, and I can't wait to hone and learn other skills needed from this company

i enjoy the application

it's my dream to be part of your company, and I want to work with you more and experience call center..

Got hired on October 22, 2022. Thank you Jobyoda!

Thank you, Jobyoda

Just got hired, Thank you Jobyoda

got interviewed on Wednesday then hired right away. I start on Monday!

I was hired and started the date of training on the 28th of this month. thanks, Jobyoda

Got hired in sykes. Fast process and good compensation. Thanks jobyoda!

got hired!!!! started already just this Sept 26. thanks JobYODA

Just now they called me already!Thank you so much Sitel Group❤️

Been using this app for a month and two and I just got hired in Sitel Tarlac last Sept. 08. This app is so helpful and easy to use. Thanks Jobyoda App!! #newbie #callcenter

Hello, I got hired last Sept. 13, Where is my Venti? Thank you!

hope I'll be in..

I want to have an amazing experience through this company.I hope i enjoy it.❤️

Got Hired on the 22nd and start earning while waiting for the Training date. Will be starting with my new found family on the 5th of September.

1 Day Processed, just got hired! And where's my Venti?

If you are looking for a stable career in BPO industry with your desired BPO company you can never go wrong with JobYoda. I got my first application thru this app and within an instant I got hired! Thank you so much JobYoda for making my dream into reality! Very easy and convinient to use this app!

Got hired. Thank you. Where is my venti coffee now? Thanks!

Thank you. I Got The Right Department


great offer

got hired in just a week! thank you jobYoda!?

Got hired in less than 5 days! Thank you JobYoda.

Got hired in less than a week

Got hired last night. Thank you, Jobyoda!

Got hired in less than a week! Thanks Jobyoda for the help

At first, I just want to try Jobyoda app, and then when I applied, they contacted me right after until I reached the final interview and got hired in just few days! Thank you so much JobYoda! Very helpful and easy to use. Highly recommendable :)

thank you for caring your applicant's for applying.!!

thank you so much jobyoda☺️

Thank you so much jobyoda

I got hired, thanks Jobyoda for the awesome exprience

Got hired and the company was very accessible to my location so convenient also it is a hybrid setup.

I got hired. Thanks Jobyoda for the awesome experience

from managers to trainers to supports, everyone is considerate.given that most of us is an adpater.

I downloaded the app 4 days ago and just got hired today. Thank you so much JobYoda. More power!

Thank you JobYoda! ✨

hi to all im here because i want to find a better job for me. and i dont know if theres company allow the people that have a physical condition to work.

i recommend this JobYoDA app this app is help you to have a job and it work from home install this app and this app offer you a job near your location

Got hired! Thank you JobYoda ❤️

it was good and the staff are very accomodating.

Shane Gon for Alorica Philippines

05 Mar 2020

I applied and hired on the same day, March 4. The application process with JobYoDa was easy and reliable. Thanks JobYoDa!

I recommend jobyoda to all job hunter out there, aside from they offer the site for free. they remind you with all the schedule . thank you so much jobyoda....