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Smart Recruiting Solutions at your convenience

We use technology and data-driven strategies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and data analytics, to make the recruitment process more efficient, effective, and data-informed.

  • Manage the Hiring Process
  • Know your Talent Demographics
  • Hire the best candidates

Why Choose JOBYODA

Traditional Job Boards vs JOBYODA

Traditional Job Boards

JOBYODA Features


Explore the All New AI powered Job Editor.

Create a job post in simple yet robust steps, with a live preview

Create Maximum Job Awareness

We offer a wide range of amazing features to help you customize your job portal to suit your needs

Static Banners

Put your very own customized banners on top of JOBYODA Mobile App and Website. Create hyperlinks to redirect to your website

Image Push Notification

Set and Customize image based push notifications targeted towards Location and Specializations.

Mobile InApp Banners

Location, Benefits, and Specialization targeted In-App photos that pop-ups once you open the app or navigate to a certain part of the app

Native Display Banner

Bigger Banner, strategically located in the middle of the app, can be redirected to a job posting or an external link

Picture/Video Banner

PutNow upload MP4 videos of upto 100 MB and pictures upto 5mb

JOBYODA Prime Time

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Job Glide

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Custom Plan

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Per Job Posting 3 30 50
Sub-Recruiter Access 1 2 3
Redirection to ATS
Urgent Hiring Tag 5 12
Job Boost 12
Static Ad Banners 6 12
Video Ads on App & Website 1 3
Influencer Videos
Email Marketing 1 1
Resume/CV search
CallYODA (Direct Candidate calling) 200
Virtual Job Fairs
One on One Chat
Push Notification