Everything You Need to Know Before Working in Call Center

Stories | 14 Feb 2023

In this blog, we’ll give you a deeper understanding of what working in a call center includes. We cover, descriptions for different roles, the skills that are required to do them, and the pros and cons of the call center job. So, let's get started with what a call center is. 

What Is a Call Center?

A call center is an organization where agents work to answer customers’ queries and solve their problems over the phone or via other means of communication. Agents can ask customers questions, take their orders over the phone or arrange things like insurance. In practice though, the whole experience and nature of call centers have significantly changed over the last few years. This is mostly thanks to the development of various technologies. There are three types of call centers, such as- Inbound, Outbound & Virtual. They can also be classified as in-house or outsourced.

Inbound_ In this type of call center work by employing agents who take customers’ calls. While outbound, call centers it’s the agents who make calls and reach out to potential or existing customers. This type of call center is associated with sales, customer surveys, and other promotional activities aimed at making a profit. In virtual call center is also called a cloud-based call center. This type of call center is popular among organizations these days. The best thing is that this type of call center can be operated from anywhere without the need for office facilities. What you need to have for operating a cloud-based call center is a stable internet connection and a device that can access the web, which doesn’t necessarily have to be a phone.

Job Descriptions of Call Center

Call Center Manager

If call centers were the hive, call center managers would be the queen bee. They need to hire train, motivate, and talented staff members to provide customers with outstanding service. They’re responsible for aspects like setting objectives, analyzing various metrics, fulfilling goals, and others. These are ensuring the high quality and reliability of the customer service provided. If you’re looking for Call Centers hiring near me, you can connect with JobYoDA. 

Team Leader

The team leader is also the most important position down the hierarchy after managers. Their responsibility is equally important as call center managers. The responsibilities usually include tasks that are strictly associated with other agents and their performance, such as:  developing, teaching, and training staff, supporting staff, controlling employees’ performance and reporting to managers, and communicating with managers, agents, and others.