BPO vs. KPO Call Centers: Which Is Better?

Stories | 31 Jan 2023

Which call center is better, BPO or KPO? In this blog, we’ll discuss which is better for your organization. So, let’s get started. KPO or BPO are both outsourcing companies that often deal with call center operations. If BPO call centers handle processes on behalf of the client, then KPO call centers take information, knowledge, or data on behalf of the client company. You can also say that KPO is an offshoot of BPO call centers, often used when an organization requires a high level of specialized expertise.




What is it?

KPO stands for Knowledge Process Outsourcing. It is the outsourcing of critical business- and information-related activities. KPO is an extension of business process outsourcing, which makes low-level decisions that require a more complex and often more technologically advanced system to support it.

BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing, in which an organization hires an external resource to perform different or essential business functions. It could be selling, purchasing, billing, or helping clients differently. But, it is customer service or support. The third-party vendors perform a task from the backend, such as consulting, software development, outsourcing, and much more. Most big business house prefers BPO because it is cost-effective, time-saving, and provides quality with higher efficiency.


 1. Business Research

 2. Legal Process Outsourcing

 3. Market Research

 4. Writing and Content Development

 5. Creative Design

 6. Data Analysis

 7. Corporate Training Services

 8. Education and Learning Solutions

 1. Call Center Outsourcing:

 2. Data Entry Processing:

 3. Financial BPO Outsourcing

 4. Healthcare BPO Outsourcing

 5. Engineering BPO Outsourcing


 1. Easy access to experienced professionals

 2. Asset investment is lowered

 3. Increase in competitiveness

 1. Higher Profit Margins

 2. Core Business Concentration

 3. Access to the latest technology:

The spectrum of services provided by BPO includes:

   1. Customer care, i.e. call center, help desk, etc.

   2. Human resources, i.e. recruitment and selection, training and placement, payroll processing, etc.

   3. Technical support

   4. Services related to finance and accounting.

   5. Website services, i.e. web hosting, etc.

   6. Transcription

KPO provides an array of services such as:

   1. Investment research services

   2. Market research services

   3. Data Analytics

   4. Business research services

   5. Others: Legal Process Outsourcing, Financial Process Outsourcing, and Media Process Outsourcing.

So, both KPO and BPO are beneficial in various ways for organizations. Depending on your requirement, precisely choose one of them. The skill level and training required for your purposes will most likely be the deciding factor in your decision between a BPO or KPO. If you’re looking for reputed online call center jobs Philippines to start your career or hire a suitable talented candidate, simply rely on JobYoDA. They are happy to help you and cater to all sorts of your needs at the best possible prices. To know more, feel free to visit their official website.