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Location Xentro Mall Antipolo, Sumulong Hwy, Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines

Job Description

As a Content Moderator, you will be instrumental in keeping our online world engaging, appropriate, and safe. You will apply a content policy to digital content and execute handling procedures with consistency. The best candidates are able to identify subtle differences in the meaning of digital communication and accurately enforce the client’s terms of use by carefully monitoring reports of abuse on the site. You will actively participate in employee assistance programs, program reporting initiatives, and training to foster the well-being of you and the employee community. Requirements: - At least one year prior operations experience in shared services or a customer experience environment - At least a high school diploma or equivalent. - English fluency, must be able to read and speak the language - Strong interpersonal skills, verbal and written communication skills - Empathy and high affinity and cultural awareness of political and social situations regarding the relevant market and region that will be supported. Sounds like something you'll excel doing? Visit our Onsite Recruitment Hub at 3F Xentro Mall, Sumulong Hwy., Antipolo. Bring your valid ID and your vaccination card.

Skills Required

  • Attention to Detail
  • Strong Communication Skills

Qualification Required

  • High School Graduate

What this jobs offers

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Take your outsourcing career to greater heights at our Antipolo site! One of our newest sites in the Philippines, Lizzy’s Watchtower was built and designed around the absolute best in infrastructure and practices of the TaskUs brand. The site’s “Henna” theme creates a harmonious work environment for Teammates handling the most sensitive work in Content Moderation. Made highly accessible for our Teammates, it is established in a low-traffic neighborhood of Antipolo, but also in the heart of a bustling recreational space and close to residential areas. Tara, live the #RidiculouslyGood life with Us!

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