Shearwater Health CPO Shearwater Health CPO

BGC, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines,

Shearwater Health CPO
Shearwater Health CPO
Shearwater Health CPO
Shearwater Health CPO
Shearwater Health CPO
About us

Shearwater Health strives to be the leader in efficient, scalable, and accessible healthcare solutions.
Shearwater Health improves healthcare outcomes globally.
Integrity, Commitment to Service & Excellence, Ownership, Respect, Entrepreneurial Spirit

Shearwater Health 
is a group of medical practitioners fueled by one common goal – to deliver the best remote clinical and administrative services on a global scale.

We believe there’s a responsibility for companies like Shearwater Health to provide solutions that help mitigate this shortage. Since 1973 we have continually developed our clinical staff to meet the needs of healthcare providers, payers, and any company with needs that require skilled clinical experience. Our ability to provide high quality clinical staff and Clinical Process Outsourcing (CPO®) fuels the solutions we provide to our clients.

We put emphasis on real people, real solutions, and real services. We regard our employees as our greatest asset, and we are devoted to providing them avenues to expand their Philippine and U.S careers.
Those who join our team will receive enhanced medical expertise as well as competitive benefits packages in order to achieve greater possibilities.
Start your global career with us!  #weareshearwater #wearecpo