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Operations Manager

Operations Manager


Lina Group of Companies 64.07 km

Earn Up to 30,000 Monthly

  • Free Food Free Food

Operations Manager Lina Group of Companies - Operations Manager

Location First Philippine Industrial Park, Santo Tomas, Batangas, Philippines

Job Description


Operations Management

1. Is in charge of the day to day details of the warehouse operations;

2. Sets departmental objectives and corresponding quality plans as related to corporate vision;

3. Responsible for his department’s budget preparation and implementation thereof;

4. Keeps abreast of Bureau of Customs policies, CMO’s and other related matter regarding Customs Bonded Warehousing.

5. Establishes good rapport and maintains contacts with government authorities’ client Airlines and private enterprises affecting our operations.

6. Sees that claims are properly and promptly handled; complaints are immediately addressed and decided.

7. Establishes policies and sees that warehouse security and safety measures are strictly enforced and complied with.

8. Study the needs of warehouse equipment and recommends action on operational requirements.

9. Coordinates and cooperates with sister companies in relation to the department operations.


Skills Required

  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Positive Attitude
  • Attention to Detail
  • Open to Flexible Schedules
  • Calm Under Pressure
  • Analytical Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Creative Thinker

Qualification Required

  • College Graduate

What this jobs offers

Lina Group of Companies About Lina Group of Companies Read more about Us

We embrace our working principles with passion, driven with integrity and high quality of excellence. Our 
prime sources of energy are its people working hand in hand to turn each day into a legacy.
Fulfilling Tomorrow
The Lina Group of Companies believes in the outstanding mission to serve the community as 
professionals. The companies are built for clients’ needs but the energy to face a new day lies on the people’s 
passion to make this world a better place. Each day at the Lina Group is an opportunity to make a difference.
The Lina Group of Companies is committed in establishing, developing, servicing, and leading 
business undertakings in various industries for the further development of the Philippines.
We are driven by the core values of integrity, excellence, customer delight, social responsibility and people. 
We build mutually beneficial linkages with partners who share our business philosophy. We strive to be a leader 
in all our business and make a meaningful contribution to national development and God.
We will be the partner of choice by the top one hundred companies in the Philippines’ logistics environment, 
media, food and BPO industries.
Teamwork (People)
We value human capital as the source of our strength and success.
We are honest, open, and professional in all our activities.
We are a results-driven organization dedicated to outstanding performance.

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