How to Get a Call Center Job in the Philippines

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We’ve all heard that call center jobs are a great career alternative for job searchers coming out of college or even high school.

It is frequently accompanied by a picture of a person wearing headphones and sitting at a workstation cold-calling all day. However, call center jobs are more than that.

What exactly are call centers?

Call centers are a crucial part of customer service, marketing, and research. They may refer to offices that deal with these issues, notably through the use of phone calls. Agents or executives work in these centers to reach out to or answer to a company’s client base about sales, technical support, and other concerns. Now, there are many home-based call centers set up in the Philippines.

What do call center agents do?

Customer care/customer relations executives are the majority of those who work in call centers. They conduct and receive phone calls for a variety of reasons, including assisting customers with technical issues and basic inquiries.

They are in charge of keeping track of open cases, resolving concerns, following up on customer complaints, assisting with financial transactions, and notifying clients and consumers about new services and products.

Tips for getting a job in a call center

Here are some helpful hints for getting a job at a call center:

1. Improve your linguistic skills:

Call center and telemarketer professions are heavily reliant on your ability to communicate with and understand your consumers. Fluency in one or more languages is required to excel in such a profession. Although English is now essential for all jobs, a good command of the native Philippines language: Filipino or any other foreign language may be preferable for region-specific jobs.

2. Improve computer literacy:

In order to take calls, record complaints, reroute tickets, review and create databases, and so on, a call center employee must use computer-based tools daily. Although you may be trained to utilize a particular set of software or programs, you must be comfortable and knowledgeable with computers before working in a call center.

3. Improve your oral and communication abilities:

A telemarketer’s or customer service representative’s job does not end with performing a script. In the real world, a customer service representative must employ intelligence and charm to persuade the customer on the other end to listen and respond positively. It necessitates extraordinary conversational, listening, and speaking abilities, as well as bargaining and discretion.

4. Obtain sales experience:

Sales and marketing is a preferable sector to obtain expertise and the necessary skills of dealing with customers, communicating effectively, and closing a deal. Even if you are not recruited as a salesperson, these skills will serve you well in any function you may be assigned at your contact center or customer service job.

5. Acquire professional certificates

If gaining work experience is challenging, obtaining relevant qualifications will help you stand out as a candidate for a call center position. Completing a short-term certificate course or an online program in telemarketing, sales, or customer service, for example, is a perfect place to start. It will boost the value of your CV and persuade the organization of your abilities.

The most rewarding aspect of working at a call center is to be able to assist others. By answering calls when someone is in need, you are making a difference in their life. It’s also exciting, fast-paced work that will keep you on your toes. If you enjoy strategic and competitive activities, this could be a fantastic fit for you. If you are looking for a call center job in Ortigas, the JobYoDA portal is there to assist you. Call center employees are an integral part of customer service and sales teams in a wide range of businesses.

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