JobYoDA aims to end Pandemic of Unemployment with Work from Home and BPO Jobs

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the world works. 

Never before has an event like this altered the way people move, the way they interact with each other, and the way they do business. As a result, numerous enterprises across the country have shifted to digital and online practices with the way they operate, cutting back on manpower just to stay afloat in these troublesome times. 

This led to the majority of Filipinos displaced and out of a job, as the coronavirus outbreak forced the hand of numerous employers to cut ties with their people. But as the old adage goes, every end is a new beginning, and fortunately, there are still countless BPO companies looking to strengthen their workforce as they begin to adapt to the changes to society brought upon by the pandemic.

With organizations trying to minimize their overhead, demand for new office spaces is expected to drop as people are limited to where they can be outside their homes, especially with the quarantine measures that the country is observing. As a result, jobs that don’t require one to be physically in an office have started to gain some traction, which explains how BPO entities like call centers and other customer service agencies, as well as work from home and other part-time jobs online, continue to thrive with the way that they can operate remotely. 

Because of their flexibility to be able to function outside the four walls of an office, and the way that they can service people at competitive rates, BPO companies are expected to mitigate the downturn that the country is experiencing economically, similar to how the industry did during the global financial crisis of 2009. Of course, to have a better-looking future ahead would take a lot of time and effort, and JobYoDA aims to help BPOs – along with the rest of the country, get there.

With already over 50K registered applicants, together with approximately 20 clients from the BPO industry after only launching late last year, it’s quite clear that JobYoDA sees how these call centers and customer service outlets can help the country get right back on track economically and at the same time, give Filipinos with a sense of normalcy back despite the ongoing threat of COVID-19.

As a service to Filipinos, especially those affected by the coronavirus crisis, JobYoDA plans to put an end to this pandemic of unemployment by helping people in two ways – first by directing jobseekers towards the perfect job that will hone their unique skills & capabilities, and second by assisting employers to find qualified individuals that will easily fit their organization and the plans that they have for the future. This will allow BPO companies to keep a young and goal-oriented roster of talents together without any difficulties and at the same time, ease Filipinos towards a future they can look forward to by directing them to job opportunities that can help them build the foundations of a better tomorrow.

Through its GPS-enabled service that allows job hunters to find available BPO positions and call center jobs near their location, not to mention that way that it’s also empowering them to specify the packages and benefits that they are looking for in an organization, JobYoDA is making sure that both the applicant and the employer will have a beneficial working relationship together as the brand had each of them in mind in their course of action to quell unemployment.

Taking advantage of the possibilities that both online channels and digital platforms boast, JobYoDA helps jobseekers not only find a rewarding job opportunity, it also allows them to filter jobs based on the benefits that they are looking for, the skillset that they have, and the location where they want to work in, as they say, jobs near me.

For recruiters and employers, JobYoDA allows them to easily manage their applicants, customize and specify the packages that they offer, post job placements free of charge, and build a strong company profile that will attract talented people with similar goals.

And since JobYoDA is offering this service for everyone to have access to, both jobseekers and recruiters can easily find each other in the safest way possible, allowing them to actively be engaged without being at risk.

All this in JobYoDa’s goal to finally put an end to this pandemic of unemployment.

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