JobYoDA Releases Version 2.0

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JobYoDA Version 2:Your Dream BPO JOB App filtered via Location and Benefits!
Our Story

At JobYoDA, we were busy during Quarantine to come up with features which will help Filipino jobseekers find their dream BPO job easily.
The challenge we have tried to address at JobYoDA is simple. There are many jobseekers who check one BPO job ad in social media and end up taking that job without realizing they could have got so much more if only they searched for the right job. As a result, people get stuck with jobs with long commute time, jobs where their families don’t have HMO coverage and miss out on jobs close to where they live and with much better benefits. We have taken a shot at solving these challenges and we hope YOU the jobseeker will appreciate our effort and come on board.

What’s NEW in Version 2.0 for YOU:

Smart View is now Live! Work from Home Jobs, Jobs near you on the Map, Jobs with Day 1 HMO, with Retirement Benefits, with 14th Month Pay and more!

Get InApp Notifications regarding JOBS YOU ARE INTERESTED IN!

Click on the notifications and Schedule your Phone/Walk In Interview!
It’s that easy!
We have grown beyond our wildest dreams courtesy of YOUR support.

Thank you to our 35000+ JOBSEEKERS and to 20+ BPOs who believed in us!
We have 20000+ JOB OPPORTUNITIES available for you and we are working hard to add many more!

Thank you for all the Support!

“It’s very easy to use. It helped me get my first job. And it was the first job posting I applied to through this app too! Being able to see job postings through the map view really helped me find a job in a location that worked for me. 10/10. I hope to never use this app again. But if I ever find myself unemployed again, I’ll be looking for my next one through this app!”

“Very useful app with a lot of jobs to choose from. I like how I can filter benefits that I want and search which company has an opening near me! Excited for more jobs!”

“This app is very easy to use and very convenient. Anyone who is looking for a job or recruiters who are looking for applicants can use this. In just one click you are ready to go.”

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