Global BPO Company offers FREE online English courses to Senior HS students

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ByBMPlusMay 7, 2020

Many companies across different industries are suffering from the economic loss because of the lockdown but [24], a Global BPO in the Philippines with over 3000 employees rechanneled their resources to doing good for students that are unable to go to school.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, classes are now canceled for the remainder of the Academic Year and students are confined in their homes. This prompted [24], one of the country’s leading BPO companies, to create and offer a FREE online course dubbed as [24]7 EPIC (English Proficiency Improvement Course). This initiative targets senior high school students to help them improve their English proficiency, continue to learn and still be productive in the safety and comfort of their homes during the ECQ.    

In a recent study done by the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS), findings show that some senior high school students are struggling to write  “a decent English sentence.” SHS students’ difficulty with the English language manifested whenever they were required to do research papers.   

[24] believes that throughout this health crisis, it is even more critical for students to continue to develop skills in preparation for when the economy bounces back in full strength.

“When I read the PIDS report, we immediately turned to our strength, which is learning and talent development. WE want to help the country in stepping up its efforts in improving the students’ English skills, making them highly employable in the future,” said [24]’s President and Country Manager Rienzi Ramirez.    

“With so much uncertainty because of COVID-19, we believe that skills development is still the best investment of time that anyone can make. When the economy is back in full swing, you need to be ready when employers look for the talent to fill their requirements. We believe that our inclusive growth approach will make sure that the future workforce is world class,” he added. 

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